Recommendation - Bowie's Impeccable and Mature Approach to Taste


You go through stages in your life as someone who’s passionate about something. There’s the early phase where you are raw and nothing but pure energy taking in everything possible like a sponge. There’s the participation phase where you get involved learning about that interest, developing a community around that shared interest. The next stage is (all bravado and not actually) that you know everything and can flex your muscles as a knowledge base. You take in less and pontificate a lot. Now knowing more than you did in the beginning there’s now ego. You become a (annoying) know it all. You rigorously support and create levels to which newbies must attain to earn your respect within the space. Then as you get older you (hoepfully) get over yourself and that ego. The things you held high as the word of god itself don’t matter as much as it once did. You enjoy and celebrate others enjoying the same thing. No longer a proud gate-keeper you share with no agenda of one-upping or proving yourself. You share as a means to give to others around you.

David Bowie’s Favorite Albums
David Bowie’s Favorite Books

I doubt David Bowie went through the cultural fan life cycle I described above. I believe that David had it figured out from the beginning as a young person. I believe that he was excited and inspired not letting ego overtake him as it did to so many. He let inspiration come and allowed that inspiration to play a part in his creative output. He never stopped being a fan. If you read interviews with him or hear from people who studied his life, he loved art in all forms. This is something we could all learn from. His fandom then and throughout his life was a mature fandom that was self-assured and not afraid to share obvious things that people would not expect when their playing the “how obscure can you get” recommendation game. It comes across as you read the list. Also making a list is difficult. Good Job, David.