BHM Inspiration - Tame Impala Covers “Prototype”


After releasing Speakboxxx / The Love Below, Andre 3000 told his partner Big Boi that he did not want to tour the album which was a worldwide smash that went “Diamond” (Ten times Platinum!). Other than a few one off award shows where they they performed the hits, there was no live presentation of an iconic album by a group at the height of their creativity and powers. I respected Andre for going about it the way he did, but have always been bummed that I never got to see him and a band produce live versions of the songs on “The Love Below” during that time. Hearing him perform a song like “Prototype” which was a lot of people’s favorite track would have been amazing. Thank god for the internet and Tame Impala for doing a fun cover of “Prototype” which makes up (a little) for not seeing the man himself do it in 2003.