A Profile in Style - Paul Weller of Style Council by Sam O.B.


Sam O.B. is a singer, songwriter, and producer who’s latest single “Don’t Stop” was released November, 2018 via LuckyMe Records. I love Sam’s style so I asked him to write about a mutually agreed upon style icon, Mr. Paul Weller of The Jam & Style Council. Sam assembled a gallery of Weller looks for your viewing pleasure.

Paul Weller’s style, both musically and in a fashion sense, parallels my own in many ways. He started out as frontman of the band The Jam and his style was quintessential mod with a focus on suits, ties and button-ups. Despite a sort of sophistication within the fashion, the music was more raucous and youthful. When he formed The Style Council he actually alienated a huge contingency of fans of The Jam, as the new music was more rooted in R&B, jazz, and sophisticated pop, and thusly a more “adult” focused, smoother sound. His cynical lyrics remained, but the actual fashion of the band (which was comprised primarily of himself and pianist Mick Talbot) was a large focus. 

Once I discovered Paul Weller’s style during the Style Council era, it seemed to resonate exactly with where I was in my own life. I was transitioning from an older project into a new and arguably more sophisticated sound and so I took a lot of queues in his fashion and brought them into my own palette. I think while there is certainly a focus on high-end fashion/luxury brands, I really enjoy how he will implement a sporty piece or windbreaker/anorak amongst these high-brow looks. Also, he isn’t afraid to rock a lot of color which I relate to :) I’m also on an endless quest to find the sunglasses he rocks in the “
Shout To The Top” music video so let me know if anyone has a lead on that!

Here is a selection below of some of my favorite Paul Weller looks

- Sam O.B.