An Afghan Life - Photography by Farshad Usyan


Farshad Usyan is a Afghan photographer who’s personal practice focuses on the simple pleasures and normal life of Afghanistan citizens. His work displays a beauty and complexity that differs from what we typically see or hear in media reports about Afghanistan.

Usyan’s photography celebrates a mundane and standard life experience while showing that someone’s life in afghanistan could easily resemble someone’s experience in other parts of the developed world. Check him out on Instagram

A Profile in Style - Paul Weller of Style Council by Sam O.B.


Sam O.B. is a singer, songwriter, and producer who’s latest single “Don’t Stop” was released November, 2018 via LuckyMe Records. I love Sam’s style so I asked him to write about a mutually agreed upon style icon, Mr. Paul Weller of The Jam & Style Council. Sam assembled a gallery of Weller looks for your viewing pleasure.

Paul Weller’s style, both musically and in a fashion sense, parallels my own in many ways. He started out as frontman of the band The Jam and his style was quintessential mod with a focus on suits, ties and button-ups. Despite a sort of sophistication within the fashion, the music was more raucous and youthful. When he formed The Style Council he actually alienated a huge contingency of fans of The Jam, as the new music was more rooted in R&B, jazz, and sophisticated pop, and thusly a more “adult” focused, smoother sound. His cynical lyrics remained, but the actual fashion of the band (which was comprised primarily of himself and pianist Mick Talbot) was a large focus. 

Once I discovered Paul Weller’s style during the Style Council era, it seemed to resonate exactly with where I was in my own life. I was transitioning from an older project into a new and arguably more sophisticated sound and so I took a lot of queues in his fashion and brought them into my own palette. I think while there is certainly a focus on high-end fashion/luxury brands, I really enjoy how he will implement a sporty piece or windbreaker/anorak amongst these high-brow looks. Also, he isn’t afraid to rock a lot of color which I relate to :) I’m also on an endless quest to find the sunglasses he rocks in the “
Shout To The Top” music video so let me know if anyone has a lead on that!

Here is a selection below of some of my favorite Paul Weller looks

- Sam O.B.

Inspiration - Dries Van Noten Collections Soundtrack Playlist

I’ve become a fan of the fashion designer Dries Van Noten in the last two years. His philosophies on design, art, music, and life have inspired me. I bought a book that came out last year commemorating his 100th collection. Within the book they list every detail relating to the fashion shows that he’s done from where it happened, what time it occurred, to what music was played. Because I want to know what music he’s into to I looked up a bunch of the music that was played at his shows and made a Spotify playlist. Enjoy!

Inspiration - Crew

Inspiration - Ralph Gibson Photographer

Ralph Gibson
American Art Photographer

Music - Aimee Mann / 'Til Tuesday

I recently Just found out that Aimee Mann was in a band before her solo career called ‘Til Tuesday’. I listened to their first album and discovered their epic song “Voices Carry”. So good! I also fell down a rabbit hole looking at Aimee’s 80’s and 90’s haircuts. Gallery of Aimee’s cut below (Hover over the picture and click to go to the next photo of Aimee’s amazing Hair). Studio and live version of “Voices Carry” below along with a Sky Ferreira cover.

Jones Robinson Inspiration Board


This is a inspiration board I put together many many years ago reflecting people and things that I found inspiring and interesting. It relates to media, ideas, and music for the most part. I thought it would be a good idea to share this board and identify what’s on there and provide context.

- “Big Brother” by Kanye West inspired me in the early 2000’s. We all start somewhere. 
- Ralph Marston’s Twitter inspirational quotes motivate me
- I had every issue of “Grand Royal” a magazine that the Beastie Boys published (93 to 97)
- Before it was bought to light that he was a sexual predator I watched every episode of Charlie Rose. I loved the no frills “just a conversation” nature of the show
- I’ve always been a fan of David Brook’s writing on humanities, sociology, and sometimes politics
- I have been watching PBS news hour since the early 00’s. Boring and heady the way news should be
-  Along with being an amazing DJ and musician, Dam-Funk provides the best inspirational quotes  
- “Underground Kings” by Drake inspired me back in the early 2000’s. We all start somewhere
- Fader Issue 11 with The Neptunes (in their early days) is one of my favorite covers
- Very old New Yorker interview with Shane Smith of Vice where he foretells with great excitement that Vice would be the biggest thing in the world 
- My first time in the masthead of Fader back in ’08
- NYT reader forever
- I was a big Grantland fan - one of the best websites ever
- Dischord Records story will forever be motivating and inspiring - You can do it too
- Moodymann’s RBMA lecture will inspire anyone who wants to live their life on their own terms 
- Noz’s Rap Tumblr "Tumblin’ Erb” was my favorite (RIP)
- Tavi Gevinson’s story in media is amazing and inspiring (RIP Rookie)
- I loved Tim Russert’s Meet The Press…professionalism at the highest level
- Alive & Kicking was a critical and vital zine covering sacramento music scene. It ran from the early 90’s to the late 00’s