Madlib Recommendation - Vivian Host Recommends "The New Dance Show"

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Vivian Host aka Star Eyes is a DJ and the host of Red Bull Radio’s excellent daily show “Peak Time”. I’ve long been a fan of Vivian’s writing, interviews, and her work with the legendary crew “Trouble & Bass”. With all of that in mind I had to get Vivian to fill out a Madlib Recommendation, which she did (with amazing handwriting to boot). Vivian recommends the Detroit local broadcast show “The New Dance Show” which you can see clips of below.

Ramona Gonzalez (Nite Jewel) Recommends "The Art of Cruelty: A Reckoning"

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I love the Madlib Recommendation series because it’s a great way for me to get people who’s taste I admire to give up the goods. One of those people, Ramona Gonzalez aka the recording artist Nite Jewel, provided me with a recommendation of a book that was a gift that continues to keep giving. That book “The Art of Cruelty: A Reckoning” by Maggie Nelson is a critical assessment of art born out of actual or simulated violent events in life and how it relates to larger societal and cultural constructs. 

Madlib Recommendation - Khalid Livingston Recommends Hale County This Morning, This Evening

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Continuing the “Madlib Recommendation” series we have Khalid Livingston founder of, A cultural events newsletter and membership highlighting creatives of color, who recommends the film Hale County This Morning, This Evening which premiered in 2018. I learn so much from Khalid who, while having amazing taste, is super approachable and happy to share. I highly recommend signing up for his newsletter to know what’s happening and worth your time.

Madlib Recommendation - Wrenne Evans recommends Erin Rae

Today on Jones Robinson we have our FIRST Madlib Recommendation: a series I created with the goal of getting recommendations from people who have a unique point of view and, most importantly, good taste. 

First up is one of my favorite people in the world, Ms. Wrenne Evans a photographer out of Nashville, Tennessee who covers music and culture. Wrenne loves music and makes it her world. She also has a wicked sense of humor which you can enjoy on the daily via her twitter account. Her recommendation is the singer songwriter “Erin Rae.”