Must Read - Deep Thoughts: Inspiration for the Uninspired by Jack Handey


Jack Handey was a writer for SNL in the mid 80’s. I absolutely loved watching his sketches which were always a little off and odd, that always at 12:45 when the show was about to be over. I later learned that the last quadrant of the show close to the end is where “smart” sketches like his that are deemed “Too Smart” for 12am - 12:40am run. Some of his greatest sketches were “Toonces The Driving Cat”, “Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer”, “Fuzzy Memories”, and my favorite “Deep Thoughts” by Jack Handey (his actual real name). I bought his first book many decades ago which feature an assortment of his random soliloquies. It’s a simple and funny read that I come back to for a laugh. Buy it.

NYT Magazine published a great feature on him years ago that you can read here - Excerpt below.

The archetypal Jack Handey sketch is about Frankenstein, or flying saucers, or a cat who, for some reason, can drive a car. “Little-boy stuff,” Handey explained. He often worked alone on his sketches rather than team up with other writers, and he liked to work from his and Marta’s Chelsea apartment, so he would show up each week to Wednesday read-throughs with these fully formed, immaculate sketches that would freak everyone out. Franken recalled a sketch called “Giant Businessman,” about an actual giant (played by Phil Hartman) who calls the cops on the loud party next door, then is terrified when the neighbor threatens him. At the read-through, Franken laughed so long and hard at the sketch’s final beat — in which the giant asked the F.B.I., sincerely, if he might join the witness protection program — that he had to excuse himself from the crowded room because his laughter was interrupting the next sketch.

Must Read - Alex Rose FB Status Posts

A lot of people hate Facebook and that’s understood. It doesn’t have value for a lot of people with other social platforms out there to use instead and between bots, spam, and politics there is a lot of garbage content on the standard FB feed. That is unless you are (Facebook) friends with Mr. Alex Rose. Alex is passionate about culture and nightlife amongst many other things. With that you are exposed to all of the FB events that Alex confirms “interest” in or that he’s “going” to attend. If Alex has not checked the box for attendance or interest, I’m not interested in that event. He knows his shit and it’s an assuring filter when you are not sure if an event is worth your time.

As a Facebook friend of Alex you also get the hilarious and poignant status updates that poke fun at music, nightlife, and overall culture. In the posts there are subversive messages about civic engagement, relationships, depression, empathy, and self-care. What’s amazing is that he typically does it all in less than 140 characters. You get theories, instructions, recommendations, short burst exposé, party promotion and other things of tremendous value. Alex gets it popping on IG to if you want to follow him there. You just don’t get the amazing social calendar recommendations or key quips. To know him (on Facebook) is to love him. Click on any of the images above to read my favorites throughout the years.

Update: After posting this on FB Alex left me with the below message