Jones Robinson Mix Series - "Feelings” by Maraschino

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Many many many years back I read a feature in FADER magazine about the Los Angeles band “Puro Instinct.” In the piece I learned about the sisters Piper and Sklar Kaplan who’s beautiful 70’s/80’s influenced melodies and production was the basis of the project. As Puro Instinct they released a few projects with my favorite being their debut album “Headbangers In Estacy” and the single “Dream Lover.” One thing I’ve always been fond of relating to Puro is their incredible taste in music. I remember finding compilations and mixes they created online back in the day and being blown away by the breadth of music that they were into and influenced by. A Puro mixtape would incorporate eastern bloc 70’s/80’s pop, current LA singer songwriter tracks, and random American pop cuts that my mom loved in the 90’s. I later reached out to Piper and bought her out to NY to DJ a party that I produced and we’ve kept in touch since then. Piper has a new project called “Maraschino” that I got to see live a year ago at Coney Island. At the event we connected and talked about music as always. I knew I needed to get a mix from Piper when I had an avenue to publish it.

For this iteration of the Jones Robinson Mix Series I present to you “Feelings” by Maraschino - a mix curated by Piper. it’s as good as all of the mixes I’ve enjoyed from her and her sister in the past. Enjoy!

Feelings By Maraschino
Paul Williams - Starfish
Laurie Miller - Love is a Natural Magic Thing
Julee Cruise - Rock Back Inside My Heart
Godley & Creme - Cry
Carly Simon - Why 
Prince - Desire
Linda Di Franco - Stay
Virna Lindt - Pillow Talk
Alan Parsons Project - Don’t Answer Me
TV Babies - Little White Lies
Flayer - Wanna Get Back to Your Love
UB40 - Don’t Break My Heart 
Holger Czukay - Persian Love