A Conversation with SHAN Wallace: Photography, Baltimore, and Healing

Photography: SHAN

I met Shan in Baltimore a few years ago and was taken by her spirit, toughness, and commitment to telling Baltimore’s story through her images. Her work confronts and examines an america that not enough people talk or care about. The struggle and joy she captures in her photos is her story, my story, and many others from around the world, no matter the circumstances their born into. In this conversation we talked about Shan’s craft, her personal story, and what she’s trying to do for the people that she shoots in Baltimore and around the world.

Photography: SHAN

An Afghan Life - Photography by Farshad Usyan


Farshad Usyan is a Afghan photographer who’s personal practice focuses on the simple pleasures and normal life of Afghanistan citizens. His work displays a beauty and complexity that differs from what we typically see or hear in media reports about Afghanistan.

Usyan’s photography celebrates a mundane and standard life experience while showing that someone’s life in afghanistan could easily resemble someone’s experience in other parts of the developed world. Check him out on Instagram

BHM Inspiration - Martin Dixon "Brooklyn Kings" Photography

Description (From Powerhouse Books):
As an avid biker for over nine years, photographer Martin Dixon gained unprecedented access to the predominantly African-American motorcycle clubs in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan. Comprising a huge subculture of urban road warriors totally unknown to most New Yorkers and bike club enthusiasts, these black “biker gangs”—with names like the Jaguars, the Black Falcons, the Pythons, the Transit Wheelers, the Imperials, the Corpians, the Harlem Riders, the United Roadrunners, and the Uptown Riders—are really high-octane social clubs, whose members ride flashy ninja sport bikes.

Through Dixon’s spectacular insider perspective, we enter a world straddling the customs and trappings of traditional biker culture (the heavily embroidered leather jackets, the thick male camaraderie, the bike as manifestation of the ego), and the rituals and pastimes of the urban biker (the springtime bike blessings, the trophy parties, and the clubhouse socials). More importantly, thanks to Dixon, we witness, even participate in, a set of rituals the likes of which no outsider has ever documented: the block parades (complete with monster trucks!), the barbeque parties (replete with a southern club specialty, the “Mississippi Mud Slide”), the bikini bike wash, the Myrtle and Virginia Beach bike runs, the drag races, the raunchy fundraising parties, and, of course, the “biker chicks”, urban flavor.

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Photographer - Anne Brigman

Early 20th century photographer who’s work focused on natural phenomena - shooting nude women in the natural contexts of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and northern California. Her prime work was produced between 1900 and 1920. Learn more here about an exhibition currently showing in California and Vibe out HERE.