Jones Robinson Inspiration Board


This is a inspiration board I put together many many years ago reflecting people and things that I found inspiring and interesting. It relates to media, ideas, and music for the most part. I thought it would be a good idea to share this board and identify what’s on there and provide context.

- “Big Brother” by Kanye West inspired me in the early 2000’s. We all start somewhere. 
- Ralph Marston’s Twitter inspirational quotes motivate me
- I had every issue of “Grand Royal” a magazine that the Beastie Boys published (93 to 97)
- Before it was bought to light that he was a sexual predator I watched every episode of Charlie Rose. I loved the no frills “just a conversation” nature of the show
- I’ve always been a fan of David Brook’s writing on humanities, sociology, and sometimes politics
- I have been watching PBS news hour since the early 00’s. Boring and heady the way news should be
-  Along with being an amazing DJ and musician, Dam-Funk provides the best inspirational quotes  
- “Underground Kings” by Drake inspired me back in the early 2000’s. We all start somewhere
- Fader Issue 11 with The Neptunes (in their early days) is one of my favorite covers
- Very old New Yorker interview with Shane Smith of Vice where he foretells with great excitement that Vice would be the biggest thing in the world 
- My first time in the masthead of Fader back in ’08
- NYT reader forever
- I was a big Grantland fan - one of the best websites ever
- Dischord Records story will forever be motivating and inspiring - You can do it too
- Moodymann’s RBMA lecture will inspire anyone who wants to live their life on their own terms 
- Noz’s Rap Tumblr "Tumblin’ Erb” was my favorite (RIP)
- Tavi Gevinson’s story in media is amazing and inspiring (RIP Rookie)
- I loved Tim Russert’s Meet The Press…professionalism at the highest level
- Alive & Kicking was a critical and vital zine covering sacramento music scene. It ran from the early 90’s to the late 00’s